Here’s How You Can Style Your Sideboard

Sideboards are a humble work-house of any living or dining room. These rectangular waist-high furniture units, usually sitting against walls, provide storage space for a myriad of items you don’t want on display. Surprisingly, they also provide brilliant surfaces for items you want to display such as potted plants, pictures, and lamps. Therefore, there are a few things you should know before styling your sideboard.

Create a Conversation Sideboard

You remember those souvenirs from your trips, and still don’t know where to keep them? Well, a sideboard is now their new home. You can use your living room sideboard, in a museum-style, to display mini sculptures, glass candlesticks, and figurines. When arranging these treasures, ensure they have adequate space to breathe. You don’t want dust traps at every corner of your house.

The Mid-Century Sideboards

Some of the coolest consoles are vintage models going back to the mid-20th century. Look for a similar model online or in a vintage shop for a bargain. Vintage sideboards steal the canniest way to add instant panache. They provide housing for retro ceramics, and you can freshen up the elegance with a mid-century print as well.

Add Plants Into the Play

An open sideboard gives you all the reasons to add plants into the mix. If your spider and cacti plants are a little bit jaded, this is the time to perk them up together with your sideboard. Put together, they dodge the 80s flat-share vibe and instead look retro and vibrant.

Hang Artwork Above Your Sideboard

Pieces of bring art hanging above an unusual retro sideboard steal the glance to become the focal point in your house. Add a pop art effect by placing a tray of juices and colourful drinks, and punctuate that with textured wallpaper.

Team It Up With Shelves

Add storage space for extra accessories and ornaments, so that your sideboard remains functional and clutter-free. Look for an ultra-simple sideboard and place small objects and candlesticks on top, and let the real eye-catching scene come from above: the shelves. Make sure the shelves complement the sideboard in all aspects.

Black and White? No!

Although most sideboards are wooden, it doesn’t mean you follow the herd for a black and white piece. You should instead go for a stripy painted sideboard. You need to look for a sideboard that suits your needs either way. Therefore, you can buy a wooden one and do a colour makeover.

A sideboard is a must-have in any modern home. However, you need to style it up to keep it up-to-date with modern interiors.

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