Here’s How You Can Style Your Sideboard

Sideboards are a humble work-house of any living or dining room. These rectangular waist-high furniture units, usually sitting against walls, provide storage space for a myriad of items you don’t want on display. Surprisingly, they also provide brilliant surfaces for items you want to display such as potted plants, pictures, and lamps. Therefore, there are […]

How to Spot or Choose Quality Ikea Furniture

As we strive to achieve simple Scandinavian design, we can achieve this through simple Ikea furniture. Basically, this involves the use of simple products made of metal, glass or even wood. This can either be reused or custom-made by local vendors. In any case, there really is quality furniture sold at Ikea, particularly on the […]

Iconic Mid-Century Modern Style Ideas you Need to Know

Styles come and go, but Mid-century modern style is among the few designs that have stood the test of time. So, whether you are a design aficionado or not, you might have come across this design. But what makes the Mid-century modern style very popular and one of the favorites? It’s the uniqueness and the […]